I’m pregnant!

So here I am, knocked up again! Knocked up; it feels so naughty when I put it like that. Should I say I am with child? Perhaps impregnated, or the good old fashioned bun in the oven? Well, poo to the formalities because I’m having a baby! These 19 months with Myla have been so damn fun, crazy, challenging, educational, tiring AF and rewarding…so why wouldn’t I want to do it all over again?! When I was pregnant the first time around I found it so much more helpful to follow the journeys of real mums rather than read the staple ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’. So, I thought I would return the favour and document my pregnancy journey with baby number 2. Here it goes, the first 12 weeks. Read on if you dare…

A Biracial Royal…

I can’t believe I am one of those people but I am currently obsessed with the love story of Prince Harry and Meghan. I don’t usually get so invested in a stranger’s relationship – particularly that of the royals. To be honest, the coverage of the royal family in the past has been excessive and quite annoying at times however, here I am – completely and utterly immersed in this unlikely love story! I never thought I would see the day that an English Prince would marry a biracial woman…and I am excited.

Travelling with a toddler

This November we went on our second family vacay to Hamilton Island. The last holiday we went on was when Myla was 6 months old. The difference between travelling with an infant and a toddler is substantial therefore I thought I’d share some tips for any future travellers…if you dare!

Feeding your toddler


Feeding your toddler can be tough. What do they eat? How much do they eat? Are they fussy? Are you a shitty cook?. At one point or another I am sure all mums (even the Betty Crocker’s of the world) have resorted to buying baby food. It can be a controversial subject and another reason for all that mama guilt to come flooding through your mind but never fear – there are nutritious options available. You might need to buy baby food because your toddler hates your cooking (this is me), or because you don’t know how to cook a delicious yet well balanced meal for a 1 year old (also me), or you’d much rather spend time with your baby than in the kitchen (me), or you just need a bloody day off from cooking once in a while (yep, also me). Whatever the reason may be, a mama needs options. I’m here to give you some!

Meet Stella…the perfect nappy bag

Finding the perfect baby bag can be a difficult task. With so many options on the market these days from Claudine and Ash to OiOi to Storksak, it can be a bit overwhelming. This bag is going to carry all your essential items for when (or should I say IF) you are brave enough to leave the house. It needs to be functional, roomy and cute AF, but with a price tag ranging from $200-$400 which one do you choose? I have had my fair share of baby bags in a short time. I started with the Oroton Origins nappy bag, then switched to the Mimco Lucid nappy bag, and finally found my perfect match in Alf the Labels ‘Stella’ nappy bag. Third times lucky indeed…

Gift Ideas For The Expectant Mother


There must be something in the water because the pregnancy train has come to town. With those pregnancy announcement comes baby showers, baby sprinkles and everything in between…this means baby gifts! If you haven’t got a clue what to buy an expectant mother, I have put together a list of my favourites that will surely please mama and babe. These are the items that she doesn’t necessarily need, but wishes she could buy. Boy, girl or no idea – I have you sorted.

How do you discipline a toddler?


In the years prior to having Myla, my husband and I would chat about the future and of course children. We would discuss our favourite names, what sports they would play, how many we wanted to have and who the disciplinarian would be. Every time we would have these conversations I was confident that I would be the hard arse of the house. If it was good cop, bad cop time I would always be the bad cop. Well, 1 year and 3 months into the role and that theory I had all those years ago is rapidly diminishing. I know that at 15 months it may be a bit premature to freak out, but, I am being dominated by an 11 kilogram toddler. Shopping trip meltdowns have a 100% success rate and I have no idea how to handle it.

From boob to food

As this week is World Breastfeeding Week I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss my feeding journey with Myla from birth to now. It wasn’t exactly easy, and still has its tough days! I wish I could say we had the fairy-tale version where we breastfed and our connection was amazing and instant; however it wasn’t. When I started Myla on solids I had no idea on portion sizes and at what age I should up the intake/reduce her milk portions. I went to my trusty friend google but I still didn’t find the answer. The only way I learnt how to be a mum was from other mums therefore, I thought it might be helpful to share our feeding journey with you.

Q & A with Mel the Paramedic

My best friend Mel is not only one of my favourite human beings in the world, she is also a paramedic (and a damn good one). She completed her Bachelor of Nursing and Paramedics at the Queensland University of Technology and has since been working full time. I sat down with her to ask a few questions about health and babies.

8 Things I Said I Will Not Do As A Mama…HA!


1) I will not cuddle my baby every time she cries.

I was so bloody certain before Myla was born that I wouldn’t spoil her with cuddles every time she cried. Well, I can tell you right now that I cuddle the crap out of my girl and I am not even sorry. Okay maybe SOMETIMES I am sorry but those times are minimal and usually occur at 2am when she wakes up begging for her mama. Even then I feel so bloody special that only I am wanted that it completely trumps any regret.